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Estate & Vintage Jewelry


Modern jewelers can create some truly stunning pieces. But, there is nothing on the contemporary market that can compare to the fine craftsmanship and hand-made beauty of estate and vintage jewelry!

That is why Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc carries a dynamic, varied selection of antique, vintage, and estate jewelry from sources from all over the world. Though the fashions of the day may change on a whim, our timeless designs offer a constant value and undeniable retro appeal. When you choose one of our vintage or antique pieces, you’re not only getting a beautiful, original piece, you’re getting an attractive conversation piece, and a unique fabrication, that’s as beautiful today as the day it was crafted.     

Cartier, Tiffany, Peter Lindeman (1950’s – 1990’s) – our local jeweler looks for the most high-quality pieces from the best, most-trademarked names. We’re always searching for 14k, 18k, and platinum pieces in top condition. Color, hue, and rarity are all important considerations in our business, but we also like to focus on the background and story of a piece when it comes in.


When you work with Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc. to consign your piece, you also get the education and invaluable insights to make the tough estate sale decisions. We work hard to understand why you are selling your piece, contact the best auction houses on your behalf (Christie’s, Softies, etc), and give you a fair and equitable price, every time. We will work with all price points, and ensure your consignment experience is second-to-none.  

For more information about the consignment and sales capabilities at Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc., or to schedule your personalized appointment, please contact us at 910-868-6472.