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Consignment & Estate Liquidation:

Consignment Sales:

There are times when a piece of jewelry is no longer in-style, or doesn’t fit your needs. When that happens, it may be time to consider selling it through a reputable source.  If you do, don’t settle for a fraction of your treasure’s value. Call our experts at Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc.!

Working with us, your piece will be displayed in our shining, store-front cases with all our other dazzling stock. You will get the benefit of the extra foot traffic that passes our downtown location, as well as the trained experience of our expert sales staff. Our rates are incredibly reasonable when arranging your sale, and we pride ourselves on the kind of experience we provide to all our customers.

For all you buyers, we have a wide selection of modern and antique jewelry, in-house, that is always changing. People bring us the most amazing pieces, and we believe there is nothing better than a well-struck deal that benefits everyone!

Estate Liquidation Appraisals:

You know what family heirlooms mean to you. Your mother’s earrings, your uncle’s lucky watch – you feel attached to them and the memories they can represent. But when it is time to let go, and allow others to enjoy their function and beauty, do you know what they worth on today’s market? Let Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc. show you!

Our experts provide the very best appraisals, on-site, and in-store. While you wait, we can get the information you need to make an informed decision, provide information to satisfy your insurance company, or give details to your estate planner, quickly and efficiently. Everything we do here is kept in secure, detailed records, should you ever need them to reappraise with us again, or just have knowledge to hand.

For more information about the consignment and appraisal capabilities at Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc., or to schedule your personalized appointment, please contact us at 910-868-6472.