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After serving as a marine in WWII, our grandfather, Walter Guy Sr., returned to the United States with a new passion for living and a new love for fine jewelry. He worked hard to carve out a corner of the industry for himself; learning everything he needed to know, and building the contacts he needed, to be a success. After years of preparation and sacrifice, he opened his own jewelry business in Fayetteville, NC in 1963.

In 1974, he, and wife Ruby, moved their trusted local jewelry business to Fayetteville’s bustling Westwood Shopping Center, where they remained for 35 years. They increased their business tenfold, looked to overseas markets for the finest rare jewelry, and provided their customers with an experience like no other jeweler in the area. In 2010, they brought Walter Guy Jewelers back to where they began - downtown Fayetteville - so they could serve the most customers the best way they knew how.

Today, we carry on that family tradition of selection and service. We offer an incredible inventory of rare and wondrous jewelry, as well as the professional services our customers truly need. Diamonds, jewels, vintage collections, rare stones, period pieces, brand-name watches - we provide almost every kind of piece for every type of client.

Our company also does consignments, estate liquidation sales, insurance appraisals, unique repairs, and touch-ups for all kinds of rare and antique items! We are part of the National Jewelry Appraisal Association, GIA America, The Jewelers Board of Trade Alliance, and have worked on six continents; collecting jewelry from across the globe. 

For more information about Walter Guy Jewelers, Inc., or to schedule your personalized consultation with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 910-868-6472!